BalmBalm frankincense deep cleansing balm and muslin cleansing cloth (oil cleansing method) review

After going through 3 jars of PureChimp banana cleanser (review here), I decided it was time to try something new. I heard a lot of good stuff about the oil cleansing method but I was afraid of using it because putting oils directly on my t-zone makes me break out. However, I was really curious about it and decided to give it a try.

IMG_4250BalmBalm deep cleansing balm is a really simple organic balm that melts when it comes in contact with skin. It has a quite strong natural oily/herbal scent because it is made of oils, shea butter and beeswax. This balm must be used with a muslin cloth, so I purchased the one from BalmBalm. You just apply a pea size on dry skin, soak the muslin cloth in warm water and then just use it to wipe off the balm from your face. You can also leave the warm muslin cloth on your face for a couple of minutes before wiping off the balm, to benefit more from the oils.

IMG_4246I totally fell in love with this cleansing method because it truly cleanses, exfoliates and leaves my skin supple, hydrated and fresh! The skin absorbs the needed quantity of oil, whereas the unnecessary is wiped off and doesn’t end up clogging the pores. I find that this cleansing method is for all skin types, in particular for dry and dehydrated ones.

I bought both products online. The balm comes in two sizes 30 ml/1.01 US oz (12 USD) and 60 ml/2.02 US oz (23,6 USD). The muslin cloth comes in a pack of 3 pieces (9,5 USD).


Organic spring evening skincare routine

IMG_3839Like I said in the post about my morning skincare routine (read it here), my skin got dryish lately which means it was responding to a new climate change and it needed something new. I totally changed my morning routine and I did the same with my evening routine, except for few products that I generally love and find useful all year around. I start my evening routine by removing the makeup from my eyes with a couple of cotton pads and Weleda gentle cleansing milk (review here). I find this milk to be really gentle for my eyes and it does remove all my eye and eyebrow makeup very well. Trust me, my eyebrows are so damn fake, going through eyebrow gel jars really fast lol. Then I apply a pump of Triology cream cleanser onto damp skin and use the Clarisonic. I love this cleanser so much, this is by far the best organic cream cleanser I’ve ever tried. After that, I just apply some rose water with a cotton pad onto my face (read here) to rebalance my skin’s ph. Once it absorbs, I apply Estelle&Thild BioHydrate Intense Moisture Night Cream, which I absolutely love. This cream truly penetrates and hydrates my skin, so I never wake up looking greasy. Then I apply 2-3 drops of Triology rose hip seed oil on my acne scars and it does wonders, my scars heal much faster than they would without anything. The last step is Balm Balm rose geranium organic lip balm (review here), which I apply on my lips, eyelids and under-eye are to prevent wrinkles. In case I got some cystic acne, due to dairy products, I apply Weleda aknedoron purifying lotion, which is the only product that works for me (review here). Hope you like it and find it useful…I promise I will review the new products as soon as possible 🙂

Organic spring morning skincare routine

IMG_3829Spring has finally arrived even in Norway! I noticed my skin started getting dryish so, I thought it was time to change my skincare routine. When your skin starts getting dryish out of nowhere, even though the products you are using are moisturizing, that’s a sign it needs something different and probably that is just responding to a climate change. Don’t throw away your products because they are not working on your skin anymore, just store them in the fridge until the right season comes. I already stored mine in a plastic box, put it in the fridge and will be using them up next winter. So, as you can tell I like to keep my morning routine really simple to save time; I just use a serum, eye gel, face lotion, cleanser and lip balm. I wear makeup every day so waiting too long for products to absorb can be time-consuming. I picked up products that absorb really fast, and I must say I’m really satisfied with all of them. They are for all skin types and I think they really suit my combination skin. Anyway, I start my routine by washing my face with Purechimp natural super cleanser (review here), and I scrub my lips with a baby toothbrush because I want my lips to be smooth so that I can wear lipstick. I apply the Estelle&Thild BioHydrate Thirst Relief Vitamin Serum all over my face, even on my lips. I just love it because it absorbs really quick, smells so delicate and rosey, and makes my skin soft and smooth. While I wait for the serum to absorb, I apply the Estelle&Thild BioHydrate Refreshing Eye Gel, which is really refreshing for my eyelids and under-eye area, and doesn’t irritate my eyes. Once I’ve applied it, my skin is ready for Estelle&Thild BioHydrate Total Moisture Day Lotion. I must say I was a bit afraid of using a lotion, as they are not so moisturizing usually, but my skin totally loves the combination serum + day lotion. My t-zone doesn’t get oily until evening and the driest parts of my face, cheeks and eyebrow area, stay plumped, smooth and soft all day. I apply All Good coconut lip balm which has spf 20, but I don’t bother applying any spf to my face because you should be eating your spf, not applying it unless it’s summer. Just eat lots of veggies and fruits like blueberries, kale, spinach, etc because they are gonna provide your body with the spf you really need. However, I will be reviewing all these products as soon as possible 🙂

Rossi shea butter & olive hair conditioner review

IMG_1478I bought this conditioner together with the shampoo from the same line, a while ago (you can read the shampoo’s review here). This conditioner comes in sophisticated pump bottle and has a soft creamy consistency, white color and an acceptable scent. The ingredient list is lovely, there’s virgin olive oil, aloe vera juice, jojoba oil, glycerin, shea butter, essential oils etc. There’s no chemicals, silicones or any other nasties.

However, this claims to be a conditioner for all hair types but I find it too moisturizing and oily for my hair. Even though it fells like a light cream, my hair feels IMG_1480oily once I’ve dried it. No matter what shampoo I pair it with, this conditioner is gonna leave my hair oily and weighed down…so I ended up using it on my make-up brushes to soften them after shampooing them. I would recommend this conditioner only to dry thick/afro hair types, if you have oily/normal hair stay away from it.

I bought it online for 12.35 GBP/18 USD.

Ingredients: aqua (purified water), olea europaea (virgin olive) oil, aloe barbadenis (aloe vera) juice, simmondsia chinensis (jojoba) oil, glycerin (vegetable), butyrospermum Parkii (virgin shea butter), panthenol (provitamin b5 ), Emulsifying Wax, Citrus Sinensis (orange sweet) Oil, Lavandula Angustifolia (lavender) Oil, Cymbopogon Martinii (palmarosa) Oil, Pelargonium Graveolens (rose geranium) Oil, Tocopherol.

Lavera natural liquid foundation review

As you all know, I’m all about organic/natural skin and hair care…but when it comes to make-up, I must say I’m struggling to find products I like. I’ve tried several foundations, concelears, mascaras and eyepencils but I find them really bad. Like, they can’t even compete with drugstore make-up products. They flake, don’t last on the skin, smudge easily, don’t provide enough coverage, the color ranges are limited and so forth. So, I’m still stuck with conventional make-up…if any of you finds a natural/organic dupe for YSL touche eclat foundation in B10 (yellow undertones), please let me know!

IMG_3417Anyway, this is the first natural foundation I’ve tried. I saw Lisa Eldridge was wearing it and raving about it in this video, so I decided to give it a try. I bought it in the color Ivory Light 01, which is the lightest shade, and it’s still too dark for me. I’m a MAC NC10 (yes, I’m too pale) and this foundation is more like a N25-N30 when applied, it turns even a bit darker just a couple of minutes after applying it. Not even the undertones were great for me, because I got yellow undertones and this foundation is more like a neutral color, similar to Dior forever fdt. I would say it provides light coverage and it’s not so buildable, which is not good for me because I like to hide my natural redness (got some on my cheeks). I don’t have many visible pores but the ones I have, are even more accentuated with this fdt. It is hard to blend, because it doesn’t contain silicones so you need more time than with a normal foundation. I tried to use it both with the Chanel n6 foundation brush and the real techniques miracle complexion sponge, and I find it looks better with the sponge but still, it doesn’t apply evenly at all. It looks like you applied it in some places and that in some you didn’t…which is horrible. I swiped a finger on my forehead after applying and it took it all off. You don’t wanna wear a white blouse with this foundation because it is totally transferable. Compared to my YSL touche eclat foundation this is really bad lol.

IMG_3418I don’t know how long this would last on the skin because when I applied it, I was so disappointed that I didn’t want to go out of my house with this on. On the packaging it claims to last 10 hours, but if just a finger can remove it, I believe this wouldn’t last more than a couple of hours.

I bought it online for 13 GBP/19 USD.

Clarisonic mia 2 review

1395834_608842272495250_72504108_nI bought the Clarisonic mia2 one and a half year ago and have been using it almost every day. It comes with a charger, a cleanser sample size, and a brush head for sensitive skin. Well, let me tell you I don’t have so sensitive skin, but the brush it comes with is too harsh on my skin. It irritates it after a couple of uses, so I bought the light blue one that is for delicate skin. Even then, I can’t manage to use the clarisonic twice a day but only once, because if I use it twice my skin will get reddish and feel irritated. I use it only to remove my makeup when I get home because this little vibrant thingy does its job, it truly removes any trace of makeup. I used many different toners after cleansing my skin and every time I check the cotton pad, there’s no trace of makeup. I figured I didn’t need a toner so I switched to organic rose-water, just to rebalance my skin’s pH. The clarisonic will definitely help you prevent pimples, because many times it’s makeup that makes our skin break out. Personally, if I keep makeup on my skin for longer than 12 hours, I break out. Any foundation,  primer, powder, even if not comedogenic, will break you out if you keep it on your skin for too long; because it will mix with sweat, dust, bacteria during the day and everything will just clog, infect your pores and break you out. I don’t think the clarisonic keeps my pores completely dirt-free though, I still have blackheads and sebaceous filaments on my nose, but those are really hard to get rid of. Even after using a comedon extractor, they just keep coming back.

Anyway, your cleanser must be gel/cream like. Gel cleansers work best with a clarisonic because they are thick enough for the brush; creamy ones can work with it too. This is because, if you try to use a runny cleanser like an oil, the water coming from the brush will thin it out even more and the clarisonic will be too harsh on your skin.

Every time you use a clarisonic, you have to wet your face and run the brush head under lukewarm water, then either apply the cleanser on your face or directly on the brush. You turn on the clarisonic and follow the indications. On the instructions it says you should start with your forehead, switch to your nose and chin and only then to your cheeks; but I prefer to start with my chin and nose because if I start with my forehead, the cleanser and water will drip and irritate my eyes.

To conclude, I think the clarisonic is worth the price and is definitely a must in my skin care routine, because it is the only product that truly removes all the makeup from my face.

PureChimp super one facial oil review

IMG_3346PureChimp super one facial oil comes in a black glass spray bottle. It doesn’t have that nice banana candy scent like their other products have. You can spray it a few times on a cotton pad and apply it on your skin. It has a really simple and clean formula, it is made with safflower oil, hemp seed oil, sunflower oil, sea buckthorn oil, banana extract, vitamin E oil. I tried to use this oil a couple of times but I find too greasy for my skin type (combination skin). It doesn’t completely absorb into my skin and it makes my forehead shine like a disco ball, so I ended up using it for my feet and elbows. I would recommend it only to people with really dry skin. You should scrub your skin and apply this oil when your skin is still damp. I got it online for 12 GBP/17,7 USD – 60 ml.